Round 4 – Buttonwillow CCW1


Round 4 – Buttonwillow 1CCW

Welcome back drivers! After our sizzling So-Cal summer, HTAC is back from what we think is everyone’s new favorite config of buttonwillow raceway, 1CCW. What the heck is 1CCW you ask? It’s just the good old 13cw run backwards but with Star Mazda subbed in for sweeper and it turns it into an entirely different experience. 100+mph out of the esses, trail braking into a subtle drift through star mazda to line up a run at Phil hill quickly converts all who experience it. 

WRD racing ( @wrdracing ) came out to flex their muscle again snagging top honors in Unlimited and FTD with their absolutely bonkers Prelude piloted by Willem Drees (@illwillem) to a blistering 1:56.129 (the only HTAC time under the 2-min mark for this config). Kevin Burke ( @_schmevin_ ) / Rockstar Garage ( @rockstargarage_s2k ) snagged P2 in Unlimited with a 2:01.641 set in session 1, showing everyone, literally, what the car is made of right before blowing multiple holes in the block during the first hotlap of session 2. Unlimited podium was finished out by Jake Brunk ( @riceboxej1 ) with a 2:06.801 who also won the longest distance traveled award making the haul from the east side of Arizona to compete with HTAC. 

Race modified continues to be dominated by Brandon Leung in his shockingly street-looking CTR, laying down an absolute blistering 2:04.445. Attempting to fell the CTR were Bryant Mirafuente ( @dsrxgoompa ) with a 2:07.494 in 2nd place, and in 3rd Robert Burch ( @burch.face ) running a 2:08.085 with his almost too pretty to drive hand-made 3D front splitter. Will no one end Brandons type-r tyranny? 

Street modified seems to be where the S2000’s play the hardest, with an all veteran S2K driver podium. Top honors were cinched by Jacob Mitchell  ( @tlc_s2k ) maximizing the cool morning air to lay down a 2:06.360 in Red1, with Ryan Delgrosso ( @anorexicpoodle ) only 0.3s off him with a 2:06.789. Albert Castro wraps up 3rd  with a 2:08.164. 

In Street Son Vo ( @noodler ) continues his CR campaign to victory with a 2:10.630 while behind Son a FWD battle for 2nd raged between Jose Zamora ( @thatratchet_zamora ) taking it with a 2:14.164 over Damien Hattori with his 2:14.243 

Sadly our planned buttonwillow trifecta won’t come to pass with the new track opening being pushed out to 2022 but we have secured a replacement event with the repave of Streets of Willow giving us a back-to-back Streets season close where we are sure to see records broken in both directions on the new pavement. See you in October for Buttonwillow 13CW!


Full Results can be found here


Street Class

  • Son Vo (@n00dler) – 2:10.630
    • Winner Free Alignment at Rockstar Garage
    • Winner $50 AEM credit
  • Jose Zamora ( @thatratchet_zamora ) – 2:14.164
  • Damian Hattori ( ) – 2:14.243

Street Modified Class

  • Jacob Mitchell ( @tlc_s2K )- 2:06.360
    • Winner Free Alignment at Rockstar Garage
    • Winner $50 AEM credit
  • Ryan Delgrosso ( @anorexicpoodle )- 2:06.789
  • Albert Castro ( ) – 2:08.164

Race Modified Class

  • Brandon Leung ( @b2point0h ) – 2:04.445
    • Winner Free Alignment at Rockstar Garage
    • Winner $100 AEM credit
  • Bryant Mirafuente ( @dsrxgoompa ) – 2:07.494
  • Robert Burch ( @burch.face ) – 2:08.085

Unlimited Class

  • Willem Drees (@illwillem) – 1:56.125
    • Winner Free Alignment at Rockstar Garage
    • Winner $100 AEM credit
  • Kevin Burke ( @_schmevin_ ) – 2:01.641
  • Jake Brunk ( @riceboxej1 ) – 2:06.801

Rockstar Garage corner balance raffle winner: 

Jose Zamora ( @thatratchet_zamora )