Round 3 – Streets of Willow


Round 3 – Streets of Willow Springs

May 8th brought 50+ drivers to the world famous Streets of Willow Springs to battle for round 3. This event set records for not just the largest time attack series ever held by Speed Ventures in its 20+ year history but also in nearly every class. 

It only took a quick morning pit walk to see that more than a few drivers came to play seriously with trailers and “squinty-eyed real racers” taking temps, pulling data and making last minute adjustments to car setup as we geared up for session 1, which was in itself a first with HTAC Street / StreetMod competitors getting their own all-advanced private run group, which carried only a 6 second spread fastest to slowest showing just how tight competition is. 

The first flying laps of session 1 already showed just how serious it was going to be with lap records dropping everywhere and quickly establishing it was going to take a 23s or faster lap time to get NEAR the podium in StreetMod or RaceMod. As sessions built through the day, temps rose, and drivers dug even deeper to find time in the increasing heat with the battle for overall FTD being fought closely between a spartan B18 powered CRX missile driven by Formula car driver Nicky Hays (@nicky_hays)  versus the FWD GTA lap record holding goliath WRD Racing Prelude piloted by Willem Drees (@illwillem). 

The days top honors went to WRD Racing managing only a single timed lap before suffering head failure but only by a little over a tenth taking FTD and the Unlimited win. Race modified set the stage for one of the most classic battles with Bruce Simpson taking 2nd in a lightweight NA S2K splitting the podium between Brandon Leung’s (@b2point0h) expertly driven turbo CTR in 1st and Ryan Lams (@ryan_bfc) CTR taking 3rd. Street modified had 3 very different philosophies taking podium, with first grabbed by the aforementioned Nicky Hayes in an ultra-light B-series powered CRX pursued by Ricky Hernandez (@hdez) in his S2k taking a weight and tire over aero approach which paid off big on the tight technicality of streets against Jacob Mitchell (@tlc_s2k) in his more traditionally prepared aero S2K who grabbed 3rd. Street class had Son Vo (@n00dler) flexing his CR S2K in the top spot with Ivan Carl Antonio taking second only by a 1 tenth margin over Tony Jackson in 3rd in our packed street class. 

Round 3 also brought out another first, the first release of HTAC swag! Now you can rock our MTAGA T-shirt yourself. Attendees were treated to some special in-person pricing but we’ve got some left from our first batch here but these are going quick. 

We take a long summer beat-the-heat break before Septembers Round 4, which will be a wildcard Buttonwillow config. What config? We’re not sure yet, but what we are sure of is this event will sell out, so head over to to sign up today and put your quarter on the machine (if you drive a 90s Honda you’ll get this reference). 

HTAC would not be possible without the help of our Sponsors. To learn more about how these brands are helping the series and drivers. Finally, thanks to all of our drivers. You guys are amazing for coming out and giving your all on track and we love you for it.

Finally huge thanks to HTAC board member @jared_reyes for skipping driving to shoot the amazing event photos. See you in September!

Full Results can be found here

Street Class

  • Son Vo (@n00dler) – 1:26.738
    • Winner Free Alignment at Rockstar Garage
    • Winner $50 AEM credit
  • Ivan Carl Antonio ( @ivancarlantonio ) – 1:28.272
  • Tony Jackson ( @tonyjackson ) – 1:28.301

Street Modified Class

  • Nicky Hays (@nicky_hays )- 1:20.381
    • Winner Free Alignment at Rockstar Garage
    • Winner $50 AEM credit
  • Ricardo Hernandez ( @hdez ) – 1:22.729
  • Jacob Mitchell ( @tlc_s2K ) – 1:23.629

Race Modified Class

  • Brandon Leung ( @b2point0h ) – 1:22.858
    • Winner Free Alignment at Rockstar Garage
    • Winner $100 AEM credit
  • Bruce Simpson – 1:23.853
  • Ryan Lam ( @ryan_bfc ) – 1:24.238

Unlimited Class

  • Willem Drees (@illwillem) – 1:20.264
    • Winner Free Alignment at Rockstar Garage
    • Winner $100 AEM credit

Rockstar Garage corner balance raffle winner: 

Lloyd Weathersby ( @itsxlloyd )

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