Interested in finding out how you can help the series? Hit the link to find out.


Titan7 is offering Titan bucks towards wheels to anyone taking a season podium, and a rebate for competing on their wheels:

Season Podium Prize
1st – $500 discount
2nd – $300 discount
3rd – $100 discount

Buy through Titan7 and submit pictures at end of year.

3 events – 15% back on your approved wheel purchase
5 events – 20% back on your approved wheel purchase

Rockstar Garage is supporting our drivers two ways!

Per Event Prize

  • Street -Free race-alignment for class winner
  • Street- Free race-alignment for class winner
  • Race – Free race-alignment for class winner
  • Unlimited – Free race-alignment for class winner

Additionally they are donating 1 free full corner balance to be raffled off at every event

To Be Eligible

Class winners need do nothing more

Raffle for the corner balance is held during the awards ceremony. Must be present to win


AEM is offering credit towards AEM Electronics products. Contingency credits may be combined, but must be used by December 31st 2021.

Per Event Prize

  • Street -$50.00 credit for class winner
  • Street- Modified $50.00 credit for class winner
  • Race – Modified $100.00 credit for class winner
  • Unlimited $100.00 credit for class winner

To Be Eligible

To be eligible for this contingency program, you MUST have AEM contingency decals on vehicle at each event.

  • Placement option #1 – AEM stickers Placed in visible location on Left and Right sides of vehicle.
  • Placement option #2 – AEM sticker placed horizontally on front windshield.

Contingency decals will be available at each event at no charge.

Photos provided to AEM after each event.

Tracking your credits

Both AEM and HTAC official will log even results and track your contingency winnings.

Redeeming your credits

Contact HTAC for information on AEM contingency redemption.